3 Tips To Improve Your Mental Fitness and Resilience

When we hear the word "fitness" our minds often brings us to think about physical fitness. We might envision someone who is in great shape or a person that can complete demanding physical activities without a problem. Physical fitness is not the only fitness we should think about regularly.

What I have come to find over the years is that mental fitness is just as important if not MORE important than physical fitness. Our mental fitness is the thing that gives us the courage to try things that we may be afraid or hesitant to try. It helps us to think through tough decisions, and stay sane through tough circumstances. It is also what helps us to stay sharp and quick thinking.

A Few Thoughts About Coping With Bouts of Depression

The thing about depression and feeling low is it can hit you out of nowhere!  Sometimes, I feel moody, anxious, irritable and annoyed for no reason at all. I've cried several times for I don't know what... my life is pretty great and I am blessed. I have a great family, a great job and a wonderful home. The Good Lord has kept me and I am thankful! But even with all of this sometimes I get sad.

Things I Do To Lift My Mood Quickly

There comes a time every now and then when I feel down or my mood is low. During these times I don't feel like doing much, and I don't feel like being around others. There are times when I know what the cause is (diet, monthly cycle, stress) and times when I do not.

After 38 years of life I have found a few things that help me to boost my mood during these time and feel better. Today I wanted to share some some of these ideas with you and hopefully they can help you as well.

My Anxiety Story and What I Do To Manage Anxiety

Back in 2009 life was going well for me. I was Active Duty Air Force stationed in beautiful Okinawa Japan. My work life was good, home life was good, and I felt my spiritual life was pretty on point. Fast forward to September of that same year, I found out with a 5 days’ notice that I would be deploying for a 6-month tour thousands of miles away from home.